Chocolate for Baking

Take your kitchen to places you’ve never imagined with Dancing Lion Chocolate’s Chocolate for Baking!

Dark Chocolate for BakingDark Chocolate for Baking

Dark fudgy 68% from Ghana. Exceptional in cakes, brownies and even savory sauces. We recommend it for Sherry’s Hot Fudge Sauce and other recipes.

Dark Chocolate for BakingMilk Chocolate for Baking

Bold and caramelly 40% blend of African cacao. The perfect chunk for a chocolate chip cookie, or melt into apple or nut pies–or Bones of the Dead Cookies and other recipes.

White Chocolate for BakingWhite Chocolate For Baking

Clean elegant 35%; a true white chocolate! Serve with sweet strawberries, add to creme brulee and other recipes.

Baking with Dancing Lion ChocolateRaw Organic Cacao Beans, Nibs, & Cocoa Powder from Ecuador

Try our raw organic natural cocoa powder from Ecuador. Santiago and Francisco at Pacari are producing the most outrageously perfect cocoa powder we’ve tasted, and we’ve decided to make it available to you. Rich’s favorite for Warm Milk Hot Cocoa Before Bed. See our other recipes.

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