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Richard Tango-Lowy


A Grand Day Out

There’s an Art Show in the plaza (in Brady Sullivan Plaza on Elm) With many beautiful things to see and buy And …

Rich is making chocolate bark for our friends at The Wine Steward in Hampstead, NH. Stop into Wine Steward for beautiful wines, … → April 24, 2015



Silky Guatemalan “Finca Los Ujuxtes” 60% dark chocolate ganache with traditional chocolate spices.



Spanish smoked paprika caramel truffle with “Cru Sauvage” wild Bolivian chocolate finished in coarse sugar and Cayman sea salt.



In this issue… The Perfect Cafe, An Espresso Primer, Afternoon Chocolate Service for 2, Buy Chocolate Online, Upcoming dinners, Class schedule Read …

Pineapple in Piura

Pineapple in Peruvian Piura

I dipped these enormous sweet pineapple rings in rare and exquisite 67% dark chocolate from Peru’s Piura region–one of the most exquisite …

A Sea of Haiku

The Shop is Busy Today!

Rich is working chocolate for Cherries and Cacao Tao. Kathy’s packaging gift boxes; they’re selling and we need some now. Kevin’s making …

Lunch@theLion for the week of 4/20 is a White Chocolate Roasted Vegetable Lazagna with house made Basil Pasta! and a little shaved Dark Chocolate on Top!

Lasagne for Lunch this Week

Lunch @the Lion for the week of 4/20 is a White Chocolate Roasted Vegetable Lasagna with house made Basil Pasta! and a …



Buttery smoked Spanish paprika caramel delicately enrobed in Axiom 60% dark chocolate.