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Richard Tango-Lowy


The River Acheron

Hot. Very hot. A 3D skull filled with habanero chili caramel and ghost chili ganache with and extra shot of ghost!

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Iterations

Manjari Madagascar Dark Chocolate, smooth as satin. Texas Tarragon from Rich’s garden, with Voatisperifery Peppercorns and a blend of Ecuador Dark Chocolates; …

Cracked Caramel

Cracked Caramel

Sweet creamy caramel with Hawaiian sea salt in Kenshi 70% Dark Milk chocolate.



A 3-dimensional skull half filled with habanero caramel and half filled with ghost chili ganache. Medium hot!



A tile of banana maple ganache in Peruvian Piura 67% dark chocolate.

Pecans on a Hot Night

Pecans on a Hot Night

Toasted pecan halves sandwiched around a dollop of habanero caramel, dipped in dark Ghana chocolate, and dusted with cayenne.