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Mom Lowy's Calamondin


It’s snowing outside. Inside, I’m candying the fresh calmondin that Mom Lowy sent from her tree in Panama City Beach, Florida. Calamondin is a tiny citrus with a tart orange-lemon flavor.  I’ll use the syrup for bonbons, and will dip the candied rinds (pictured) in dark chocolate.

Rich is toasting and grinding and making gianduja for chocolate croissants. Sam is simmering passion fruit jelly. Kevin just joined us this … → November 26, 2014

Santiago's Spice

Santiago’s Spice

Ganache of Santiago Agosto’s unusual Puerto Rican criollo chocolate with mango & spices.

Portsmouth Shipyard Ale Caramel


Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale Caramel enrobed in Jivaara 40% milk chocolate

Inca Lore

Inca Lore

Creamy butter ganache with rare Peruvian 67% “Piura” dark chocolate and Mom Lowy’s satsuma tangerines.

Savory Croissant Bread Pudding

This Week’s Lunch

Thanksgiving week lunch is SAVORY CROISSANT BREAD PUDDING with yams, sage, apples, and Tango dark chocolate finished in rare Guatemalan white chocolate …

Local apples & ginger white chocolate "nougat" in very dark Nicaragua 80%.

Ice Skate

Apple, ginger, and Ivoire 35% white chocolate “nougat” finished in Nicaragua 80% dark and dusted with powdered cranberries.

Felissimo - Chocolate in Japan

Buying Chocolate in Japan

Looking for a gift for your Tokyo beau? It might seem early to be contemplating the big red heart-shaped day, but our …