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Richard Tango-Lowy

Open for Snowstorms

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow in feet Will close our doors–we’ve promises to meet! We’ll definitely OPEN at 11:00am, We *might* open at 7:00am, We’ll definitely be open until 4:00pm, We might be open until 7:00pm IF you keep us busy enough to stick around! Anyway, I’ve hearts to …

Life is a Helix

Snow gathers on the branches, As it does every winter, every storm; Nothing changes, and everything changes. I craft another bonbon– Cream …

Mines of Moria

Mines of Moria

A fruit & nut cluster of Kenshi Dark Milk chocolate with dried blueberries and deeply toasted almonds, infused with peach rum.

Spice is Nice!

Spice is Nice!

Cinnamon, cardamom, and mace with Mexican vanilla and cacao liqueur in a butterscotchy milk chocolate blend.

Hot Honey

Hot Honey

Ghost chili-infused honey with rare Peruvian 67% Piura ganache, enrobed in cayenne-filled dark chocolate and rolled with Madagascar cacao.

Pi(e) Day

Pi Day!

Circumference to diameter; A fundamental number Not quoting to the n-th degree  Don’t make you any dumber. But make a crust and …

Cream of Broccoli Soup w White Chocolate

Lunch this Week

Week of January 20th Lunch @the Lion is Cream of Broccoli soup with Ivoire 35% and dark chocolate dipped endive. Perfect for …

NH SBDC Featured Business

It’s just silly not to take advantage of the NH SBDC. Richard Tango-Lowy of Dancing Lion Chocolate in Manchester says it would be “just …

Lunch @the Lion

Lunch this Week

 Week of January 13th Lunch @the Lion is stuffed peppers in mole with fresh pear, jicama, and pineapple slaw, finished with Tanariva …

Zen Brownie


Saffron, crocus sativus stigma, painstakingly plucked, precious! Cinnamomum virem–true cinnamon from Sri Lanka, delicate, flavorful, and fine! Black tea, camellia sinensis, also …

→ January 8, 2015

My breath floats away, like the day Wisps in the cold air; dissipates. I sip drinking chocolate, frothy, warm, And am satisfied.