Italy to Mexico (to Japan)

Italy to Mexico (to Japan)

Toasted almond gianduja truffles with olive oil, honey, and Kenshi 70% Dark Milk chocolate enrobed in Axiom and dusted with coarse sugar, …

Sunday in the Park

Katherine Paints on Chocolate

Artist in Residence Katherine Donovan channels Georges Seurat’s pointillistic style on her rendition of “Sunday in the Park.”

Bonbons, Business, & Baldrige

Rich talks business with RestaurantUnstoppable’s Eric Cacciatore. What’s PDCA and why does it matter? Who’s Malcolm Baldrige and does he like chocolate? …

Maple & Madagascar Hot Drinking Chocolate

We’re Open.

What say you to a bold, butterscotchy MAPLE & MADAGASCAR hot drinking chocolate for the day?

Open for Snowstorms

UPDATE Tues, 8:30am: WE’LL OPEN at 11:00am today. Hot drinking chocolate for adventurous souls Who make their way. I’m looking forward to …

Life is a Helix

Snow gathers on the branches, As it does every winter, every storm; Nothing changes, and everything changes. I craft another bonbon– Cream …

Mines of Moria

Mines of Moria

A fruit & nut cluster of Kenshi Dark Milk chocolate with dried blueberries and deeply toasted almonds, infused with peach rum.

Spice is Nice!

Spice is Nice!

Cinnamon, cardamom, and mace with Mexican vanilla and cacao liqueur in a butterscotchy milk chocolate blend.

Hot Honey

Hot Honey

Ghost chili-infused honey with rare Peruvian 67% Piura ganache, enrobed in cayenne-filled dark chocolate and rolled with Madagascar cacao.

Pi(e) Day

Pi Day!

Circumference to diameter; A fundamental number Not quoting to the n-th degree  Don’t make you any dumber. But make a crust and …