Closing the Mallorca Circle

Yesterday morning, Donna, Sophia, and I enjoyed mallorcas con jambon y queso–ham & cheese mallorcas–in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the …


Rain Forest

We are sitting around a wooden table on a high mountain near the west coast town of Mayaguez. Donna’s reading a book, …

Rain Forest Fruit


We came looking for cacao, but we keep finding bananas. Many bananas. Tiny, sweet bananas. Thick, stubby bananas. Fried bananas for breakfast, …



It was snowing when we left Manchester on Thursday. Rich and Sophia are sitting at a casita in a tropical rain forest …

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl

Dark Ecuador chocolate citrus ganache wrapped with delicate marshmallow and enrobed in Ecuador dark and Ivoire or just Ivoire chocolate.

April Snow

It’s snowing in April, The Drinking Chocolate’s hot! Will keep you cozy through the night While outside, it is not! I’m waking …



Bright minneola tangerine confit in Pacari raw organic 70% Ecuador dark chocolate finished in Ecuador.

Supernova 1987A

Supernova 1987A

An elegant galactic mask of Ecuador 70% filled with ganache of mint, saffron, Ivoire, and unusual Puerto Rican house-made Criollo dark chocolate.

Ham & Cheese Quiche (with chocolate)

Lunch @the Lion

Week of April 7th Lunch @the Lion is Ham & Cheddar Quiche with a chocolate crust and side Pico de Gallo.

Capping Bonbons

NxNW, in Bonbons to Be

Ganache sleeps in deep cubbies… one by two by three by four receding into infinite distance (Cary Grant flees a row of …

Chocolate Seder Eggs

Seder Eggs

Freshly hatched Chocolate Seder Eggs for your Passover table. We have exactly these three! From the left: Shank Bone – Pear marshmallow …

Honey Do

Suddenly Awake

Vibrant fresh mint, saffron, & Ivoire 35% white chocolate ganache in Pacari raw organic Ecuador 70% dark chocolate.